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Joanna, I applaud you for your Friday report--and it's good to eat bread with alcohol, isn't it? Or does that mess with your blood sugar too much? Cheering the weekend as well--I might get a new refrigerator to replace the one we bought brand new 19 years ago. I often joke that my DH is so cheap he could squeeze the poop out of the buffalo on a nickel (pardon my "French" ) so I probably won't get the one I'd really love to have, but maybe one with a bigger freezer capacity than I have now--plus I can get a black one to match the rest of my kitchen appliances. Current one is white. Not that DH is a dictator or anything. In our house whomever a decision affects the most has the final say, but if it affects both of us equally (like a new fridge) either one of us gives in or we compromise. Pretty sure the new fridge will be a compromise.

RenewedSoul, Joanna and Mike, thanks for your encouragement on my accomplishments this week.

RenewedSoul, KUDOS ON YOUR PERFECT WEEK DO FAR and on your weight loss. Only problem with the desktop reminder is that your computer has to be on to get the reminder yodel. But it's very user-friendly.
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