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Originally Posted by wowgirl88 View Post
Hi guys!
Just kinda realized that... well... you know... I have a success story!

Bit of background, I was a member here a while ago (well over a year I think), and my ultimate goal was to lose weight and join the Royal Australian Air Force.

Well I can scratch that off the to-do-list!
Here's a post I put into the "Support Group For Women" area;

So for those of you who think you'll never reach your goal, or it's all too hard, I went from 130kgs to 80kgs. I've got a mate (let's call her Fitzy) who weighs 50kgs (she's really short, it's healthy weight for her), and I always say "I've lost a whole Fitzy worth of weight"!
Hope this helps someone. /hugs
Awesome jobs! That's 110 pounds lost! do you have any before and after pics?
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