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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Ok... I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to figure out what "mofo" meant...

Ohhhhh!!! ...and yes, IT IS!!! LOL
Does little Mikey need his mouth washed out with soap? My first and middle initials are MF. I guess my parents weren't thinking. LOL

Ian, LOL on Noah and the misquitos.

Wowgirl. Great Wednesday report! Kudos on being accepted into the Air Force. Doesn't that mean you're considered fit? Sorry about your knee injury. I hope the physical therapy gets in back in shape quickly. I just know you're going to make this all work and sometime really soon you're going to be proud of how fit you are in your own eyes.

dmartz--Donna? Your reports so far this week are awesome!

Mike, you always make me chuckle. Fruit, nuts--word association. LOL

Libby, your daily reports continue to be really great. There are many of us here who will hold you in our prayers. So glad you got a good night's sleep.

Tori, so sorry about your energy problems and DH's overwork at his job. I spent a good part of yesterday catching up on housework and hated every minute of it. I hope the rain stops so you can grill something out and enjoy what's left of the 4th. It has rained here all day until about 1/2 an hour ago. It's a shame so many picnics were ruined today, but I do have to admit I loved the 72 degrees and the new grass we planted recently will benefit greatly from the rain and cool temperature.

Jennifer, that one pound could just be a scale fluctuation. Does sound like a big job for you and your Mom to maintain a big home. I hope you get the apartment with the pool and fitness room.

Joanna, I know I don't need to tell you, because you KNOW as long as you tried well on the exercise or whatever other goals you have, you should give yourself credit and just look to the new day tomorrow. Hard to exercise when blood sugar is out of whack. Wishing you a yummy and productive Starbucks.

Oh, Lordy, Quinn! I burst out laughing when I read about your appearance in your underwear in front of DD's BF. After my little sister's surgery several years ago she said there's nothing in the world that could embarrass her anymore. I hope your leg is feeling better today. Good idea to break up the walks into two sessions.

aysehoca, welcome to our group. That's wonderful that you have only 4kg/9lbs. to lose. I'm not one for preaching, but try to think of your new way of eating as a lifestyle change rather than a diet, so you won't fall back into your old ways that put you slightly overweight. I just returned here after a four month binge of emotional eating and regained almost all the weight I had lost. I have a lonnnnnnnng way to go to get to a healthful weight. How did your PhD exams go? Best wishes on your move to Istanbul! I hope you will stay with our group after your move.

Mel-Mc I like how you made an effort to counter-balance. 1750 and 1775 aren't all that bad with a range of 1400-1600. Those "controlled cheats" add up to success in the longrun. I doubt anyone here can say he/she never ate before looking up the calories, carbs, fat, or whatever we need to keep tabs on. Sometimes it's a real shocker. I also get a good shock when I go over on a target simply because of forgetting to log something I ate earlier in the day--or logged a wrong serving size. UGH! But it's all about averages as our member Cassie reminded me a couple times. As long as we're on track most of the time, we will reap the rewards.
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