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Hey there! I'm new to this website.I don't have much to lose, 4 kg only (that makes about 9 pounds).I'm hoping that this website will help me keep my motivation on. Until about 4hrs ago, I wasn't feeling very well at all. I had been on diet for 3 weeks and in my last week, I had been carving for the food that is rich in carbohydrate. Yesterday and today, I ate sooooooo much cookies,cakes, all kinds of food w/ too many caloriesI had alcohol too. I was feeling so disappointed in myself as you can imagine.I was checking the ketogenic diet on the internet, and I came up w/ this website.Logging in the diet that I wanna have for the next week and reading the stories made me wanna be on diet again.So, I'm forgiving myself for the last 2 days and starting my diet again tomorrow.

The diet that I'm having was given by a dietician last year. I went to see this dietician for 4 months in the last summer and spent all my summer w/ diet listsI lost about 8 kg and was feeling really well and beautiful at the end. However, the winter and spring didn't go that well as I couldn't stay on track I had PhD exams that were really stressful and just made me eat more and more w/ no exercise. I noticed that I had emotional eating issues.I think I still have that although I am officially on vacation now.

I get obsessed w/ food. Yeah, I said it! wohooo!I think this is my major problem on dieting.

I'm moving into Istanbul (in Turkey) and starting to work at a new school there.I am a teacher.When I start working at this new school, I wanna be w/o my excess fat)So, my goal is losing 4 kg in 5 weeks. I'm starting to keep a journal tomorrow. Hope it'll help me be motivated.

Thank you for your support too.
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