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A quick update, then back to work....

1-lose 1 pound---TBD
2-finish all laundry---working on it
3-don't go crazy on the 4th---TBD

Wednesday went a lot better. I'm still getting super tired half way through the day, with no reasonable explanation as to why. Things to discuss with the doc. I went by and saw Jassi, we wound up taking a nap. When I finally did get home I had a burst of energy and washed all the dishes. They've been sitting in the sink since Sunday BF and I are both so tired that the house work seems to be piling up. The grass needs cutting, but it's rained for almost 2 weeks straight. And he's worked for 2 weeks straight. We can hardly see poor little Boss Man with the grass so high. BF thought he was going to have 4 days off of work (Thursday-Sunday) but he found out last night that he has to work on Friday. He could seriously use the time off. Oh well.

That's about it for now. Not sure what we're goin to do this evening. I have to work until about 1 this afternoon, but I'm sure we'll attempt to throw something on the grill. If it stops raining long enough that is.

Hope all my American friends have a safe and happy 4th. All my nonAmerican friends, just have a blessed day.

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