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Default Air Force!

Hi guys!
Just kinda realized that... well... you know... I have a success story!

Bit of background, I was a member here a while ago (well over a year I think), and my ultimate goal was to lose weight and join the Royal Australian Air Force.

Well I can scratch that off the to-do-list!
Here's a post I put into the "Support Group For Women" area;

To be honest, I don't actually use the main site, I just come to the forums for the support and conversations!
I joined here a while back, and my goal was to get into the Royal Australian Air Force... fast forward, and I'm in!
I finished Recruit (initial) training a couple of months ago, and right now am doing what's called "IETs" (Initial Employment Training) i.e: the training in our actual jobs.

My goals are pretty simple at this stage: get fit!

I've come out of recruits a lot fitter than I was, and struggled a fair bit while I was there because of my lack of fitness.
Long story short, as soon as I got there I failed the initial fitness test (which I had passed two weeks prior), then when I had my second chance I got so nervous I basically failed myself because of nerves.
Three months later I finally got onto course after a lot of hard work from the awesome PTIs (Physical Training Instructors), and passed the final fitness test at the end of course by a mere seven seconds.

So now I'm in IETs and pretty much the most unfit person by a long shot, so on the list is get to a healthier weight and quit smoking. Don't get me wrong, I'm 'relatively' fit, but there's room for improvement.

So for those of you who think you'll never reach your goal, or it's all too hard, I went from 130kgs to 80kgs. I've got a mate (let's call her Fitzy) who weighs 50kgs (she's really short, it's healthy weight for her), and I always say "I've lost a whole Fitzy worth of weight"!
Hope this helps someone. /hugs

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