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Today was good and bad for me at the gym. I was able to get on a bench with a barbell. Did a workup set (bench press) of 185#. Put on 255# and got it 3 times. Later in my workout I was doing deadlifts and did more that I should have, I know it, I'm hard headed and hurt my back. So I cut my workout short. For those that don't know, I had a back injury about 2 years ago. As of right now, it's not bothering me, but tomorrow will tell me what's up. I hope that if I take it easy on my back, it clears up because I'm not in the mood for any epidurals right now. If it's still bothering me I'll be pulling the bike out the garage and go for a long (couple hundred miles) ride soon.

1) 3 liters of water/day yes, yes, yes
2) Gym x 3 yes, off, yes
3) Bench Press 255# x 3 no, off, yes

Everyone be careful tomorrow, especially if mixing alcohol and explosives. I would post up a pic of the remains of a guys hand from last year when a sparkler bomb went off in his hand but don't want to freak anyone out. Trust me, it looks painful so be careful and don't do anything stupid. Speaking up stupid, no shooting guns in the air either!
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