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Libby - {{{{hugs}}} - concentrate on keeping yourself strong. I know that's easier said than done, and having something like that looming over you for a whole month is difficult. Keep in mind how Quinn's being in good shape is helping her recovery, and keep eating well.

WowGirl - Robin did a great job on stopping eating out at lunch. Maybe she has some suggestions for you. My advice would be to make your lunch for the next day right after dinner. There are also a lot of great 300-calorie prepackaged salads available. On days when you don't get your lunch made, pop into a grocery story and buy a salad and a piece of fruit. I never ate a lot of fast food - once a week was a lot for me. But just seeing a fast food place would set off cravings. I haven't had any in months and (except for fried chicken), no longer crave it, and don't find it at all appealing.

Mel-Mc - coping with surprises can be hard. If I know I'm going out to dinner, I might have a light salad or something to take the edge off my appetite before I go, or at least look at the menu online to find a couple of good choices. But with unplanned things, it's much harder. Nice boss giving you a half day off!
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