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Morning everyone!
Didn't get on here yesterday, so here are the results;

Exercize every day - YN
No junk food - Y Y
No soft drink - Y Y

For me right now the big thing is cutting out all the junk food - it's not uncommon for me to go through the drive-through numerous times during the week due to laziness.
Also getting to the gym - I've still got fat-person-shame about going, which is totally stupid and I need to get over it. Anyway, running late for PT (at least when it's an order to go to the gym I can't say no!) so better get going.
Hope everyone has a good day/night.

Hey Libby, just saw your post. Be strong, stay away from that ice cream! It's short term happiness that will just mess you up in the end. And trust me, if you're anything like me, the guilt you feel when you're eating it will make it taste horrible - or maybe that's just me. But thinking of you, hope it turns out okay.

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