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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Good Morning Fitday Buddies!

Doing well 1 week post-op. Doctor originally said that I'd have a 6 week recovery and I'm already feeling about 70%! Tori's right... after doing my surgery, the doctor was amazed by my ability to get up and walking so quickly. Although I gave credit to my amazing surgeon, he gave the credit to my healthy life-style, daily walking, low body fat and exercise... So, YEA FITDAY!!!

So, for many of you who don't know me, 4 years ago I was sick of yo-yo dieting and being 30 lbs. overweight. I cleaned up my act, both with diet and exercise, and I am now being rewarded for that hard work with a remarkable recovery from a major surgery. I noticed that someone had asked about the correlation between diet & exercise and high BP meds- I am living proof of that. After being on meds for 20 years for high BP, my blood pressure is now the same at 50 as my 20 y/o daughter.

I have some big issues yet to resolve. The surgery has left me with some post-op weakness in one of my legs, but I am somewhat of a stubborn B and I won't rest until I'm back to my 4 mile hikes. My goal is to be backpacking in the Smokeys by September. My weight is low and I need to build nutrition, so I won't be dieting this time around. BUT, I need you guys for motivation and support as I recover. Don't baby me... kick my ass and whip me back in shape!!!

For any of you who wonder why you are on this path of health, is it worth it and why am I bothering with all of this when my friends are being lazy and eating garbage, remember me. I am healing better, I am stronger and I have surpassed all expectations in 7 days! I would have been terrified to have gone into this surgery out of shape and overweight. For me, the reasons for my journey to a healthy lifestyle didn't make themselves clear for 4 years. I am so grateful that I made those changes.

SO... Get healthy, get fit, lose the body fat, stick with your Fitday buddies for strength and motivation and don't let anyone stop you... ever.


Surpassed yesterday's goal of 4 blocks by doing six. ... and I did get a nap in... lol.

Today's Goal:

I will walk 8 blocks. (Sad from my usual 2-4 miles, but baby steps, right? )

I hope everyone has an incredible day! Get out there and GET MOVING!!!

Wow quinniepoo. You've got me fired up. I'm going to do some walking tonight! We all seriously need to plan a 1/2 marathon in the future... I know, I sounds like a nag.
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