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Hi Donna, another Donna here. I've been on an Un-diet since Dec 2011, and it's really worked well for me. During that time I've logged everything I eat. I mean ev-er-y-thing. (ok, there are about 10 days that have an entry for 'food' with a calorie estimate, mainly on vacations.) I try to eat healthy and stay within a narrow band of calories averaged by week.
I work out a few days a week, half with a trainer. (The trainer helps when I've lost enthusiasm for working out.) Sometimes after I've worked out hard, I'm famished. I try to stick to protein in those instances. If I know I will have high cal episodes, I try to plan for them by reducing calories ~in advance~. For the unexpected binge I try cut back on cals for the next few days, but not by too much. If my cals drop too low, I tend to get lazy, hazy, or mean. (Grrr.)
I'm also addicted to sugar, but I never (ok, almost never) consume it in beverages. I've been know to drink straight whiskey, rather than consume any mixer. But I mainly prefer wine, red wine, tea, hot, iced, or tepid, or water, with lemon, (although not necessarily in that order.) I never touch artificial sweeteners.
I'm currently at the point in my un-diet where I'm no longer trying to lose weight. I'd just like to maintain my current weight, and my healthy, loggin', lifestyle. 'Cause this 'fit' feels too good on me to give up on it now, even if it is sometimes a real high-maintenance pain.

- D.
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