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Libby, you know what they say: "The best things come in small packages." So you can crow about your height. I think I'm the oldest person in this group but that's not worth a neener, neener. LOL I was diagnosed in 2011 with pre-diabetes and reversed my blood sugar to normal through low carb diet alone with the help of my family physician. Meal planning is key to my staying on track, but I don't always manage to plan ahead. I cook low carb and my DH fixes any high carb stuff he likes. Do you cook special things for yourself apart from the men for whom you cook?

RenewedSoul, your goals are wonderful! Wishing you the best!

pcameronbrooks, welcome back. Logging is time consuming and I detest it. When I don't log I pay dearly for it. Wishing you willpower on that issue. Kudos on the rowing.

Jenn, great job on the veggies. I got all mine in, too.

Kocialapcia, modest goals in a holiday week are quite admirable. Enjoy the wine on the 4th.

Carolyn, summer is a little harder for me with grandkids here all day weekdays until 4:30PM and with all the family get-togethers. I can eat on plan if I try hard enough on tough days but I often cave. Ooh, iced coffee sounds great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Claire, kudos on your weight loss since 6/17. Don't sell yourself short on your accomplishments. Nice goals. Darling avatar. Chinese buffets are my fave food and where I do the worst with willpower. I don't eat rice, but cannot get out of there without two generous servings of sesame chicken and beef lo mein. And I pay with water retention in addition to all the carbs.

Yo! Joanna! Hi! Welcome back! Kudos on your run yesterday! I like your sensible goals.

Mel-Mc, move to the rear of the bus! LOL I like your goals, too.
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