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Quinn, I hope you get your nap and 4 blocks in and get back to full strenghth ASAP. I haven't even been lurking so had no idea you were down. I sent Tori a PM to get the scoop. Big cyberhug to ya!

Donna, thanks for the welcome back. Best wishes on your goals this week!

Libby, I'm a whole inch taller than you. Neener, neener, neener! Kudos on all the weight you lost since May! Best wishes on your diabetic meal planning.

RenewedSoul, wow, look at you! Way to go on the weight and inches lost!

Robin, hi! Popcorn salt surely does add the water weight. It'll come off as quickly as it went on. Congrats on being only 3 lbs. from goal otherwise. Wonderful that you're ready for the maintenance mode after being confident of your good habits.

Carolyn, hi! I'll be back later to read your post and that of the others I didn't get to yet. Have to stop to take care of grandkids.
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