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Smile Hello this place!

my name is susan and i'm new in this forum and very glad to be here to learn and share with you all.
i have been battling with weight loss and gain due to an eating disorder (binge eating disorder aka BED) for over 40 years and let me tell's wearing me out.

in january of this year i started going to Overeaters Anonymous and i really enjoy it and the sense of community it gives me. its so nice to be in a room full of people that actually "get it" when it comes to disordered eating. i'm pleased to say i've been binge free for 5 months now and for me that's nothing short of a miracle. i stay away from my trigger foods and keep an eye on my eating behaviours and i've been fairly on track.

my problem now is that i need to increase my fitness and activity levels but i find that i'm terribly unmotivated. it's almost like i'm sabatoging my goals (which is nothing new for me). i find it's very confusing as to why i don't just stand up...pull up my big girl panties and get done what needs to get done. i only have about 60 lbs to lose and the thought of that doesn't scare me at all. between 2000 and 2006 i was able to lose 230lbs so the thought of a mere 60 is just a matter of getting it done.

i look forward to hearing your stories and suggestions...alone i seem to get very little done but as a group we can be unstoppable. talk to you soon
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