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Edited to add: Welcome, Mel. Good goals! (you did sneak in - while I was posting)

Gosh, a bunch of posts popped up while I was writing my earlier post, so I missed some of you.

Libby - congrats on your 4 lb loss. I know it's not as much as you hoped, but 4 lbs is great! I saw on last week's thread that you had been hoping to lose more in time for a wedding next month. The good thing about weddings is that all eyes are on the bride!

RS - awesome on your weight and measurements loss! 35 lbs gone!!! I've found that even when I'm losing slowly or stalled, that I often see improvements in body measurements.

Robin - our daughter's are close in age - mine turned 28 a couple of months ago. She's my youngest.

Claire - any loss is good! You're doing great with the swimming. I see where you're coming from about not getting too obsessive. I often approximate with a salad or homemade casserole type dish. I used to enter all the separate ingredients, now I just find a similar item and estimate on the high side to cover myself.

Joanna - I can't see how you could not lose weight with all that running.
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