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Thank you carollynnq
Ok so for about a month or so I had been walking my great dane x to pick my son up from childcare 4 days a week, but because its been quite cold and the sun goes down earlier I haven't been doing that. I've bought a bike and took a ride to the shop and back, I got somen not so nice feedback from that so Ivery been trying to work out when my family doesn't know. Its sad but yeah.. I stay away from chips and snacks because I know they're addictive and it won't fill you with anything good. I really have to get into the right mind and just eat when I remember to- even if I have to set an alarm on my phone for reminders. I have become very forgetful and chose to have an implant contraceptive because of this reason.. So baby steps at a time. I want to be healthy, lose weight and fit to keep up with my son and I do believe this is the first step out of this hole I seem to be in
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