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Default Always eating...

HI everyone!

So since Im trying to lose weight Ive read and talk to alot of people about this and opinions vary. So Im looking to you guys for advice. Ever since I could remember Ive always snacked and eaten about every 2-3 hours. I seem to always get hungry no matter what I had eaten or how much Ive eaten. My friends back in high school used to be envious because I wouldnt gain any weight. I was told I have a high metablism. Now fast forward to after I have my second kid. During that preganacy I put on alot of weight and didnt lose it afterwards. I havent gained any since which was 8 years ago but I also havent lost any. My eating habits are about the same execpt Im chosing better foods to eat now besides junk like I used to. My question is, is eating small meals all day okay? I cant seem to not eat every 3 hours at least. I move around alot at work, being an Inventory Manager so I burn up alot of what I eat. Ive also cut down on soda intake and have been drinking more water. Any advice on this would be great!

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