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Went swimming late this morning - the first time I've been able to take advantage of weekend lap swim hours.

Tori - {{{Hugs}}} I know not having a diagnosis can be stressful. Take care of yourself.

Originally Posted by Dad_in_FL View Post
Dietary disaster yesterday - started w/ decision to have a beer, followed by two more. Which was followed by cravings and bad judgement... and then came the annual 4th of July party at the club. 1,500 more calories than I really needed yesterday.

So now do I fast for a day to make up for it, or just blow it off and get back on the horse?
Get back on the horse. Fasting often leads to bingeing. When I blow it big, I try to analyze the situation and plan how I could better handle it the next time around. Do as Donna says and cut calories over the next couple of days or try to get in more exercise.

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... Even my mom offered me popcorn covered with butter at the ballgame last night. I just gave her the "eye" and she was like "Oh sorry!" ...(
LOL - I can just see that.

1. Avg under 1400/day calories for week 1412, 1369, 1323, 1290, 1299, 1156
2. Avg 45-min day extra movement 65, 55, 35, 120, 30, 60
3. No white flour, sugar foods N, Y,Y, n, y, n (pizza)
4. 3 cups of green tea daily (started Tues) Y,Y, y, y, y
Age 61, Height 5'9"
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