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A short term solution is to try to never be alone.

A longer term solution is to think about why you've moved in with your boyfriend and his friend. These guys are never going to be 'on a diet.' You can date your boyfriend without living with him. You could actually move in with a friend who pays attention to health and diet - or several friends who share those concerns (women, most likely) and still save money on your rent.

This bad habit of bingeing is compounded by emotions spurring your eating. Even when things are going well, relationships have a 'shelf life' - or at the very least a direction. You either know the direction (engagements, marriage, or breaking up) or you're buffeted around like someone who's riding a wave. It can take a subtle emotional toll.

Don't want to get into your emotional life. All I'm saying is that emotions are a factor in bingeing.

I read about a chef who went on a diet (don't remember who it was) and the one thing he knew he did was eat the entire contents of every package. He ate whole bags of chips, whole bags of broccoli. I completely understood this because it is what I do. He had a person help him lose weight by planning his 'eat through the whole thing' experiences. It worked and he lost weight. It's the closest thing to a 'bingeing' diet I think I've ever read about. Now, I wish I could find out who made that diet up for him!
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