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I'm so glad to see you newbies posting on the weekend, many of our forum members disappear on the weekends!

For those of you who "blew it" in some way (beer, chips, etc), you can't change the past (even yesterday), you just learn from it and carry on. Everyone has their own unique struggles when it comes to blowing the calorie count they are following. So you have to figure out what your weakness is.

Examples could be:

-You aren't eating enough and your body is reacting by cravings.
-You are in a deprivation mindset about your diet, which makes it very easy to abandon.
-Exposure to certain foods (I LEARNED that there cannot be cheezies in the house).
-Eating foods that trigger cravings (Dad this would be your beer I guess). -For many of us all sugary foods trigger cravings.

The most impt thing is not to give up. Lot's of water and fiber the day after a binge are good too.

Libby......there was nothing wrong with your supper as long as you had portion control unless there was a specific craving for you. You don't have to eat tuna and lettuce everyday lol that won't sustain itself.

I'm down another pound today so it's now 3 pounds to goal. Surprisingly the weightloss seems to be speeding up again after months of being painfully slow.

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If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins

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