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Default Oatcakes ugh

I don't even eat cookies, but somebody brought me some of "effie's homemade oatcakes" from Boston. I love these. Good thing I can't buy them usually (8 hours drive). I ate 4. And I was doing so good t least they are "all natural" ingredients.

For those of you who have never been at a DQ or tried a blizzard, I am in shock. I live in the STICKS and I have eaten way too many of these. So if you have never tried one I guess you have to if you are ever near a DQ.

I am rocking the goals and totally blowing the walking challenge. Nothing again today Did a bunch of errands (some to do with work) and now I am going to grab my book and lay on the couch (oatcakes out of sight).

One of the things I did was smudge my office today. Because it's Saturday. Last time I did it was a Fri night and the cleaner reported to the landlord that we were" burning something that smelled funny" so I decided that next time I would do it on a Saturday. I'm pretty sure they thought we were smoking pot lol.


1. 3 workouts this week (excluding walking challenge): M-N, T-Swim, W-Weights, Th-swim, F-nothing, S-nothing
2. 3 vegs/day: M-3, T-5. W-4. Th-6, F-3, S-4
3. Omega 3 everyday: M-Y, T-Y, W-Y, Th-Y, F-Y, S-Y
4. >3k calorie deficit this week: M- 811, T-1189, W-753, Th-948. F-721, S-369 (fortunately I had some in the bank).

Walking Challenge: 3.5 miles in. No change.

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Goal 160: ACHIEVED Aug 25/13 (now to figure out how to stay here)

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins
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