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Hello! As a third year college student with bills to pay, I feel your conundrum! Here are some of my cheap-living tips!

Canned Tuna!!! Can be used for salads, wraps, omelets, or straight from the can! They get pretty cheap too! I suggest white tuna- meaty and protein packed to fill you.

Canned veggies and frozen fruit!!! They might not be as delicious as fresh, but they're cheaper and last a lot longer. Look for canned veggies with no sodium or sugar added.

Always look for produce sales!!! Sometimes, asparagus for example, can be cheaper if bought fresh when on sale than in a can. And weigh your produce before reaching check-out. So you can control just how much you're spending. Also, as a grocery store clerk it can be frustrating to have to weigh out a customers grapes to the price they want. Nearly all grocery stores have scales in they're produce section.

Meat Coupons!!! A terrific deal on fish or meat is hard to come by because they usually occur when there is too much product. Coupons on meat are great. They appear later in the day as meat is starting to reach it's "sell-by." I promise you that the meat is always good for a few days after the sell-by!

Wraps!!! Often cheaper than bread and can last longer. Look for store-brand and while-gain.

Always pick up a store flyer on your way in! If a store offers recipe books with a purchase of so much money, take it! There are often coupons in there!!
- Mandy

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