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Default Need help - Consistent Binge Eating

I've been with this site for over two years now, but I haven't posted in months. My story is a little long so I'll try to summarize at the end, but I think I need to say this or write it down in some way for the same of being cathartic.

As a child and teenager I would binge eat at every moment- when my parents were away, after they went to bed, while baby sitting, ect. Being alone meant freedom to eat anything. In high school my binging would last for months in between months of dieting. By the time I graduated high school I weighed 200+ lbs at 5'2". I'll never know my true highest weight because I avoided scales, photos, and mirrors. Then, I joined this site, became serious and lost about 50lbs.

Recently, I moved in with my boyfriend and our friend Joe. Living with 22-year-old guys means that there is always junk food around. Not to mention the 2-4 friends over every night with pizza and calorie filled booze. In the post few months I've found that I'm back to my binging ways. I thought I had broken the habit, but once again whenever I find myself alone, I eat. I've gone back to my old habit-besting tricks like keeping healthy snacks around, and exercising stress away, but I can't seem to stop myself anymore. Although we don't have a working scale, it's probably safe to say I've gained back 10-20 lbs. I'm ready to admit that I might really need help this time.

TLDR; I eat massive quantities of food whenever I find myself alone. I broke this habit over a year ago but it's come back.

I have no idea what to do. Tips?
- Mandy

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