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Don't sell yourself short, Kocia. I don't think 10 minutes is lame at all! Especially not 10 minutes of abs work. Ouch! Work it and claim it!

Carolynn (and all you swimmers), you're so lucky to even partial-year access. Aside from the pool at the local, members-only golf club, I don't think I've seen a pool around here at all. I haven't seen any pools in backyards, not even above-ground ones. None of the subdivisions have pools that I'm aware of. None of the local towns have municipal pools or even splashparks or fountains for the kids. Most of the parks are just grass and trees, maybe a swingset or climbing gym. I only recently found one public tennis court. I guess that's why so many people bike or run here. Not much else to do.

One of my favorite activities years ago was water aerobics. Our local pool had a phenomenal teacher -- she used the latest music and worked out some serious dance routines. There was a core group of about 15 of us, ranging in age from mid-20s to 80-something (and yes, Ms. 80 was hot stuff!). If YouTube had been around back then, I'm sure we'd have been an Internet sensation. Oh yeah, we were kickin' it!

Sadly, I haven't been swimming in any form or fashion in well over 10 years now. I miss it.
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