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Mike - you are on a roll!

Carolyn - I did not write it clearly (that happens more and more on this side of 50...) but I meant places that are only pools, not general gyms that have lots of offerings including pools - those probably would not offer "pool only" memberships, alas. Where I live a lot of municipalities have individual Recreation Departments and most of them have pools (outdoor, indoor or both) that are available only for the use of local residents (or sometimes for non-residents, too, but at a different (still nor outrageous) fee). We found them to be the best deal - my husband practically lives in the pool all summer. Do you have Recreation Departments structured like this in your neighborhood?

I added a bit to the walking total which is currently 3.2 miles with 6.8 still to go.
I also did a 10 minute DVD ab workout as one out of the three extra activities that were planned for this week. Lame, I know.
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