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Donna - 66 grams of sugar in a salmon dinner! Yikes! I wouldn't have thought it possible.

Joanna - I'm glad you recognized your low blood sugar problem so quickly.

Epixi - Yes, 20# is possible and you'll get there and exceed that.

I keep thinking about how healthy we all must be getting. I've been watching a series called "The Food Hospital" where they try to cure people's various ailments through diet. The changes after just 8-12 weeks are frequently amazing. Some things, like depression, are evaluated by self-report, so there could be a placebo effect going on there. But changes in things like cholesterol, blood sugar, fat in the liver, etc. are measured scientifically. And changes in skin disorders like exzema and psoriasis can be seen visually. Anyway, despite how fast (or slow!) we're losing weight, our internal systems have to be so much healthier.

1. Avg under 1400/day calories for week 1412, 1369, 1323, 1290
2. Avg 45-min day extra movement 65, 55, 35, 120
3. No white flour, sugar foods N, Y,Y, n
4. 3 cups of green tea daily (started Tues) Y,Y, y
Age 61, Height 5'9"
March 2010 145 lbs, Jan 2013 173 lbs
1st Goal 145 lbs 5/25
New goal 140
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