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Well, I went hunting for my post from yesterday to update from, and it appears it never posted! Oh well, I'll try to update again from what I remember...

1.) c. 1200-1400 calories/day - M: 1201, T: 1151, W: 1742, Th: hopefully under 2000? but who knows...
2.) Drink 64 oz. water/day - M: Y, T: Y, W: Y, Th: Y
3.) Exercise -
M: Gym - Done
T: Run 4 miles - Done
W: Gym - Done
Th: Run 4 miles - Rained like crazy today, so did the gym today, will do the run tomorrow
F: Gym
S: Off
Su: Run 5 miles
4.) Finish making plots for journal article - M: working on it, T: pretty done, I think, hopefully nobody notices that I don't have one of my axes labelled...
5.) Start writing article in earnest - M: ish, T: ish
6.) Get my basals on my insulin pump sorted out - M: getting there?, T: made further adjustments

So yesterday, I was over in calories, but I didn't feel to badly 'cause I just felt like I needed to eat a bit more. After all, I'm training for a half marathon - I don't want to be stupid about trying to restrict too much when I'm expending a lot of energy.

Today, I had a bad low at the gym. I was having pump issues earlier in the day, and I think I had some delayed insulin absorption, and it caused me to plummet like crazy. Unfortunately I forgot that I was out of glucose tablets, and had to mooch candy off of someone else. Then my blood sugar went way high, then I said screw it and had Mexican food and a margarita for dinner. Not my best day. But my blood sugar is back in the normal range and I'm chalking it up to a bad diabetes day. These things happen.

Starting weight: 192.0 lbs (6/19/2011)
Lowest weight: 154.6 (6/25/2012)
Current weight: 164.4 lbs (10/28/2013)
Total lost: 27.6 lbs
Goal: 132 lbs
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