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"Lost" is probably my all-time favorite show, though it went on a couple of years past when they should have ended it.

While exercising, I often watch BBC shows on fitness and healthy eating (the BBC seems to do a lot of different shows in these genres). Whenever they show something like a fatty liver, an MRI of a barely overweight person showing his internal fat, diabetes sores, etc., my workout goes into overdrive - whatever I'm doing, I do it harder and faster. I speed up and push harder that without consciously thinking about it, but then notice I'm doing it - it clearly must stress me out to see that stuff.

Kathy - I loved the first season of "The Killing". I loved the grittiness and the imperfect lives of the characters. I was angry when they didn't end it at the end of the first season, and didn't bother watching the second. But it was really well done.
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