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Kocia - LOL at your cat on your chest. Good suggestions about checking about swimming "specials". I've looked at the my local Y rates online. They don't mention "pool only" or drop-in rates, but I'll call them in the fall. There's a private fitness/golf club with a pool - they have a free 3-day pass to try it out, so I can use that sometime if I don't mind being pressured to join.

Renewed Soul - Your calorie overage yesterday was just a little blip that will get averaged out over the week. I know it's frustrating to get stuck at a weight. Just keep at it, remember that you're getting fitter and healthier even if the scale doesn't move for a week or two. You'll start losing again. And, even when I've been stuck at a weight, during that time I've seen improvements in my body shape.

Tori - hope you don't think I was picking on you. It was said with tough LOVE. You sounded so discouraged. Keep at it. Sometimes even a small success can boost our motivation.

Claire -nice going on the swimming. It's hard to lose 3lbs in a week. That's a 10,500-calorie deficit or 10,500 extra calories spent (or combination of the two). The only time I've lost that much has been on vacation, when I have hours a day to stay active.

Libby - I'm going to try to stay out of the kitchen too.
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