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Originally Posted by RenewedSoul View Post
I am kind of mad at myself. I calculated wrong on calories yesterday and at 1,182 instead of less than 1,100. I will try and make it up today.

Weeks goals:

*Drink 12 oz of water with each meal: Yes, Yes, Yes
*Walk daily: Yes, yes, yes
*Eat less than 1,100 calories a day: Yes, Yes, 1,182 no
*Walk stairs (2 flights) at work 20 times a day/3 days this week: Yes, yes
*Lose at 2 pounds: Hopefully....not so sure this week, I'm so scared that my weight loss will stop and never start again
well that sucks about the miscalculation. At least you weren't off by much.

Originally Posted by ClaireS89 View Post
Swim At least 5 laps at least 3 times this week [5, 10, and 10 so far]
Log calories/activities [so far so good]
Loose more weight (trying for at least 3 pounds) [so far only 1 pound]
awesome job on the laps!

Where is everyone? It's only Thursday...
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