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Thanks for your input! I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this body type around here! I always feel like I'm the only one who is tall and big boned! lol

I get so mad at myself, because I LOOK kind of skinny (I say kind of because I will never ever ever admit to being skinny). But when I have no clothes on, oh my gosh I am so flabby! Cellulite all over the place, my butt is saggy...*sigh* Being a woman sucks!

Anyway, I'll definitely try more weight-training. I don't belong to a gym, as I am trying to save money, and with my work schedule, I don't feel I would get enough use out of the gym to justify paying for a membership. I do, however, have a full set of free weights at home, so I'll give those a whirl!

I've also been trying to stay more active throughout the day, too - my hubby usually gets home late from work and showers between 9pm and 10pm, so I spend about 15 minutes while he's showering doing more ab work and I use 8 pound weights to do arm workouts; I have noticed that I weigh less the next day when I do that than if I had just gone to sleep...
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