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You are consistently putting in a few hundred calories worth of exercise - that has got to accumulate into some real results at some point.

And - no alcohol three days in a row?! (stares into space, bewildered...)

What a pleasure to see you so much more cheerful. And so focused, too! More hugs going your way - tough love coming soon...


" I've never thought of swimming as exercise. Sure, I know it burns calories (and I enter it into my activity log), but that's not why I do it. I just love it. When I was 19-20 and 115 pounds (very skinny), I was working full time and going to college, but would get up to swim at the Y before work. It was fun. I'd swim now, even if it didn't burn any more calories than my sitting in my chair here. "

That's what running is to me - more of a mood management than a weight management. I gladly get up before 5 to put a few miles in before other things distact me. Yo know, the way they are currently distracting me from the walking challenge - maybe I should start getting up at 4 to get both the running and the walking in first thing in the day?!

Is there a Y near where you live? Even other swimming pools are now getting creative with membership - near me one gives members an option of a small membership fee ($12 a year!) and then $4 each time you actually go (which, in my case would be, er? $16 a year?). Another reduces the yearly fee with each passing week - the closer to the end of the calendar year you join, the more of a bargain it is! And you'll only need it after labor Day when the outdoor pool closes, right?

I only put one walking mile in this week, and zero out of three extra activities - gotta get my act together soon! Wait - I spent an hour on the sofa, with a cat on my chest - I really had to use all those chest muscles to lift the cat up just to breathe! Does that count?

Good luck all!
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