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Epixi - you're good on everything but fiber. Are you still taking psyllium husk? How has that worked out?

Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
I feel the same way about people setting goals to do things they hate, like run or go to the gym. You have to like your chosen activity. As you may have noticed, some of us here love swimming. Seriously how do you think I get up at 5:30 am to go swimming? Clearly I love it.
I was thinking about this on my way back from swimming this morning. I've never thought of swimming as exercise. Sure, I know it burns calories (and I enter it into my activity log), but that's not why I do it. I just love it. When I was 19-20 and 115 pounds (very skinny), I was working full time and going to college, but would get up to swim at the Y before work. It was fun. I'd swim now, even if it didn't burn any more calories than my sitting in my chair here. I'm going to need to find an activity for the other 8 mos this outdoor pool isn't open. There are some indoor pools near me, but the cheapest is $85/mo.

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Gotta run (uh, figuratively. I might have said 'fly,' but no Bat Wings here!) Will try to check in a bit earlier tomorrow.
- D.
LOL. I don't think I'll every say "gotta fly" again.

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Today I took off of work so I could spend the day with a friend and help him do some things. Maneuvering him in and out I his wheelchair and loading it in and out the truck several times was a workout. I got a true taste of what he and his wife now go through on a daily basis.
That was wonderful of you to help Johnny and his wife like that. I can imagine how routine everyday tasks must be a struggle now.

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So far so good....except for scale so far
Weight loss will come. Whether or not you lose any this week, you're fitter and healthier than you were.

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Walking challenge - 5.5/10

....Carolynnq - 500 isn't really that much, its just that I'm too lazy to do it
Ian - you're well on your way to completing the walking challenge! 500 is a lot for me. Yesterday, I walked/jogged 1.75 miles. That burned something like 110 calories.

Originally Posted by Jho82 View Post
Part of the problem is I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time and I “don’t have time to make goals” a sad excuse I know but that is why I’m back here...
Start small with one small goal. 7 min of exercise? No desserts? No soda? It doesn't have to be a big goal. I don't know how old your children are - could you take a 10- or 15-min walk with a child after dinner? It would get you a little exercise, and I found that when I would walk with my children, they would open up and talk about all kinds of things, whereas in the car or at home, I'd be more likely to get one-word responses.

1. Avg under 1400/day calories for week 1412, 1369, 1323
2. Avg 45-min day extra movement 65, 55, 35
3. No white flour, sugar foods N, Y,Y
4. 3 cups of green tea daily (started Tues) Y,Y
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