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Hey! Quick check in for today! Thanks so much for all your advice and support – its what I loved about this thread the most!

Joanna and JoJo – thanks so much for the hugs! Much needed. Now you need to yell at me – tough love always works for me!

Carolynn – one day at a time – I’ll get there…. Part of the problem is I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time and I “don’t have time to make goals” a sad excuse I know but that is why I’m back here – I need to focus and this group helped me before! And you are exactly right about the spiraling effect – completely agree! Thank you!

Robin – I have come to realize that I can’t identify my own values…. I would call myself a very passive person – not that much passion about anything in particular. I used to be – I don’t know where I lost the passion but I’m at a point in my life where I can see my depression affecting my young children and its time to do something about it. Thank you for the advice.

D – I wasn’t doing a hundred crunches a month ago!! That was A YEAR ago! In one year I’ve gained 20lbs . I’m saying it has to do with my weight because its not fair to say that life got in the way! In the last year so much has changed and I lost focus – agreeing that I’m an all-or-nothing person when it comes to “healthy lifestyle choices”. I’m fighting to get back to where I was last year. Finding the middle ground is probably a good idea!

Ian – I love that one of your goals is <2500 cals from alcohol….. Its something I never thought about until I looked at a frozen cooler recently and almost had a heart attack – 280 cals!! Whhhhaaat!

Mike - I do that too - its just easier to go to bed!
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