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>500 calories worth of exercise each day
M-458, T-183, W-416
<2500 calories from alcohol for the week
M-0, T-0, W-0
>2500 calories difference for the week
M-1624, T-1305, W-1508
<40g fat per day
M-35.4, T-46.6, W-24.3

Walking challenge - 5.5/10

Was too lazy to do other exercise after the walking so didn't reach the 500 calories again Not going too well, as long as I get it above last weeks average of 372 I'll be OK with it, but even that looks like a mountain.

My screen is broken so I won't be on much until its fixed, going to be hard estimating how much I can eat without my realtime updates on Fitday At least this might make me get up and exercise instead of sitting infront of the computer.

Epixi - "ありがとうございます" Damn all these Asian languages with really long ways of saying things that we can express shorter in English. My girlfriends PC has a nice little built in translator for Japanese words

Carolynnq - 500 isn't really that much, its just that I'm too lazy to do it

Robingen - Yeah I get that you need to love your activity, I guess I'll just keep looking until I find something I like. When are these scientists and engineers going to invent futuristic things we were promised back in the 50s?
Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going - Sam Levenson
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