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Just a quick check in. I'll update my goals tomorrow. Today I took off of work so I could spend the day with a friend and help him do some things. Maneuvering him in and out I his wheelchair and loading it in and out the truck several times was a workout. I got a true taste of what he and his wife now go through on a daily basis. Besides that... I actually went to the gym tonight. So that's (real) workout number 2 for the week. Even though I was out the office all day, as soon as I got home this evening, I made one call and wrote a policy. So at least I can check off one of those for the week. The bad thing is I didn't log my food. I was okay, but after doing so much running around we were building up an appetite. As soon as my friend finished talking to the new recruits of the NOPD (explaining the real life dangers of the job) we went out to eat. From then on my choices (and amounts) went south. So I'm going to turn in early, for the first time IN A LONG TIME just so I can go to sleep and not eat the house down.
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