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  • Calories Avg. < 1400 /day: 879, 864
  • Cholesterol < 200mg: 281, 61
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: 0, 1, (lots of fruit)
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 48, 27 (27!)
  • Sugar < 50 g / day: 44, 53,
  • Workout > 150 min/wk: 60, 0
The week is speeding by. So much to say, yet so much to do!

Jho, A month ago you were doing, like, a hundred crunches, and now you're just down ...maybe try to do a ~little~ bit of exercise instead of burning out. & ... I just can't believe that being down has "everything to do with [your] weight." Maybe you're an all or nothing person, like me, who needs to find their middle ground.

Wow, Robin! Carolyn! Such great advice. (Jho.. their advice to you so apt!)

Libby: I hate when that (2200) happens, yet I've been there quite alot lately. I think it's ok to remind you body once in a while what a high dose of calories is like. You'll just have to work out a little more, as you are able.

Me, I've been trying to hoard my cals for this weekend, and I'm down about 1-2 pounds, even if I did gorge my self on high cal foods last week.
(And yes, Robin, I should have had some veggies with the cheese!)

Gotta run (uh, figuratively. I might have said 'fly,' but no Bat Wings here!) Will try to check in a bit earlier tomorrow.

- D.
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