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Ian: you start where you are at, I am sure that's what Arthur did. If you have set yourself "too big" a goal then you have to adjust it. Even if you have the physical stamina to do the 500 cal exercise something is missing, time, will, energy, support, something. Arthur clearly did not "start out" with headstands. I feel the same way about people setting goals to do things they hate, like run or go to the gym. You have to like your chosen activity. As you may have noticed, some of us here love swimming. Seriously how do you think I get up at 5:30 am to go swimming? Clearly I love it.

Libby: the dye literally does "hurt" your kidneys, but they obviously need it in order to find the problem. Sounds like you probably have an impassable stone. That's relatively easy to fix. Don't hurt yourself further while you are worrying about it.

Jho: I really think that the "secret" to life is the active pursuit of your own values. Once you identify your own values, you set achievable goals so at the end of the day you know acted in accordance with your own values. If for instance you value your health, what would you do differently? Set achievable goals. Remove the barriers.

Welcome Dad, hopefully you will find what you need here. This support network has been great for me.

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