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Epixi - congrats on the 20+ pound loss!!! I've been working my arms too. I'm pretty sure it was Donna who inspired me to do that when she talked about her arm exercises.

Originally Posted by Dad_in_FL View Post
.... If I can change some bad habits (or get rid of them entirely) and create some new good habits over the next 30-60 days, I am hoping that gives me the momentum I need to stay with it.
Welcome, Dad in FL! I think you're so right about the habits. My short-term goal is to lose weight, but my long-term goal is to develop and maintain good eating and exercise habits, which lead to the ultimate goal of being healthy. I've found both logging my food and reporting in here about how I'm doing with my goals, great for keeping me motivated and accountable.

Claire - how interesting that you used to be a lifeguard. I love to swim. It was swimming in January at the resort where my son got married that got me going on getting fit. I felt so good swimming that it made me WANT to lose weight and get fit. I swim mostly breast stroke too. I can swim breast stroke for hours (literally). When I first started swimming at my local pool last month, I was swimming 98% breast stroke and 1% crawl. Then I built up to 10% crawl.

After watching the Arthur video, I was inspired to work more on my crawl to get it to feel as natural and easy to me as the breast stroke. Now I'm up to 35% crawl. It still doesn't feel easy or natural, but if I keep at it, I'll find my rhythm.

Ian - 500 calories is a lot to burn. I couldn't manage that without running or swimming.

Joanna - I like to play tennis, but don't care much about watching.
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