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Default weight loss tips

I'm resending my note as shown below: Those silly faces came up where I had inserted my "eating times" those silly faces came up (not intended) Sorry about that. Here's my note again.

What works really well for me is eating all carbs before dinner, not at nighttime. Carbs during the day makes sense since we need energy during the day but not at nighttime since we're going to be lying down and sleeping, or whatever....LOL!

A typical day for me would be: whole grain cereal in the morning (1 cup with silk soymilk), snack around 10:30 would be one mozzarella cheese stick and 1 medium apple. At 1:00 1/2 cup brown rice with baked chicken breast, spinach and/or large toss salad or both if you want, then around 3:00 if I am hungry, a piece of fruit, most of the time, it's another apple and 1 (100 calorie) bag of almonds. Dinner time would be lots of vegetables/toss salad as much as you want with chicken, fish, your preference of poultry/fish/meat (generous portions). Stomach feels good when I'm off to bed. Hope this is helpful.
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