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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Mike, it is my first half, in response to your previous question - I'm pretty nervous about it, but I'm sure it'll be fine . I don't have a time goal per se, just to finish without stopping. But ideally, I'd love to see under 2:30. I think that's a very doable goal for me, since my pace is usually pretty good if it's not too hot, but I'm just not sure how the the increasing distance will affect my pace.
Is it a flat course? Are there many water, Gu or salt stations? 2:30 isn't bad. My fastest was 2:45 (I think) but I can't even run a 100 yards without stopping and gasping for air so you should be fine. What's the name of the race? If it's a fairly big race with a lot of spectators, you'll be so energized you won't know what's come over you. My first 1/2 was a pretty emotional experience.

Oh I forgot to mention that I was pretty busy taking pics and updating the 7 day thread on my progress so you really should have nothing to worry about. For me, the most important thing was to start off slow, very slow. I try to walk the first mile before I even attempt to job because if I start too fast I get leg cramps or I guess it may have been shin splints. Not sure but it hurt like hell.

A couple things I've learned... Body Glide is the shiznit and if you are think you may get a blister, get some mole skin. The time before last I had a monster blister, it made for a miserable race.

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