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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
3) Eat mindfully and less: so so
3) stretch daily: yes
3) take magnesium/malic acid twice a day: yes
3) more water: no
3) get to the gym, even if just for 3 haha I mean 15 minutes: no
3) write: yes
3) meditate:yes
3) practice Spanish: si, un poco
Algunos es mejor que nada. Enhorabuena por encontrar su camino de regreso a la camioneta, bueno ustedes aquí otra vez.

Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
That's what worked for me before, I was way too busy to exercise through the week, with working 2 jobs, volunteer work, kids etc. Somehow the walking challenge taught me to take a few minutes, even if it was only 10, for a walk, so that I could add some mileage to the week total. That's what I am hoping to do again.

For physical reasons I can't do 10 on Sunday. Under normal circumstances I would enjoy that. Drat. Anyway, I can put in my few per day, you can do it all on Sunday if you want. Good luck with the heat!

I think Kocia is in.

Off to early bird swimming. Great way to deal with this heat.
I may break it up and walk it in 3 days. I have to get started tonight though if I plan on doing it. Wednesday I'm bringing my friend Johnny up to the Police Academy so he can talk to the new recruits (some may remember me talking about him), then I'll hit the gym, then come home to cut grass. Friday, I'll hit the gym again for 3rd time. Saturday my GF is off so we'll spend the day together. Tues, Thurs & Sun will be my only chance. It's probably best if I don't try to cram it in one day since I'm not conditioned for it. I'd be setting myself up for failure... or a heat stroke.

Originally Posted by Kocialapcia View Post
Yey for the 10 mile walking challenge!!! There is still time to join! Anybody?

Mike - in my debut goals last week I wrote cryptically "in addition to what I normally do exercise-wise..." Well, what I normally do - I run a few miles most mornings, and 10+ miles is my typical Sunday long run - so you will not be alone with your 10 miles and with the heat - there may still be more uf us, and I am sure Robin won't be able to resist for long!

But this is what I have been doing for 14 years anyway, so for me the miles I run are not part of the walking challege, and the extra three Count Dracula activities are separate from that, too!

It will be harder to get the walking miles in when the days get darker - who else is in?!
wow I wish I had that stamina. I'm going to take Robin's advice and try to split it up.

Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
Goals for the Week:
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes
  • Maintain adequate daily hydration: yes
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 1200-1550 calories: 1303
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 800-1300mg sodium: 940
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 16g fiber: 12
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 30g protein: 39
  • Some sort of physical activity 4x during the week: Mon=nothing ...(0/4)
  • Study every day: yes

I'm so far behind on fiber that it'll most likely take me all week to build the average back up. Better to build gradually, however, when one is talking about fiber intake. I'll be doing good if fiber is back in the blue by Friday.
Do you like Fiber One? They have some good cereals, their 51% one is awesome IMO.

Originally Posted by RenewedSoul View Post
Weeks goals:

*Drink 12 oz of water with each meal: Yes
*Walk daily: Yes
*Eat less than 1,100 calories a day: Yes
*Walk stairs at work 20 times a day/3 days this week:
*Lose at 2 pounds: Hopefully....
good job so far. How many flights of stairs is it at work?

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
For yesterday:

1.) c. 1200-1400 calories/day - M: 1201
2.) Drink 64 oz. water/day - M: Y
3.) Exercise -
M: Gym - Y
T: Run 4 miles
W: Gym
Th: Run 4 miles
F: Gym
S: Off
Su: Run 5 miles
4.) Finish making plots for journal article - M: working on it
5.) Start writing article in earnest - M: ish
6.) Get my basals on my insulin pump sorted out - M: getting there?
Strong start. You should crush your 1/2. Do you have a time goal?
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