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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Hold up now, I'm not procrastinating (this time). I just think it would be more of a challenge to do it all at once. Sunday would be my only option to do it all at once. I work M-F and my GF is off on Saturday. I may get creative and try to squeeze in 3.33 miles x 3 days (if I have the time). Not quite 10 but creativity counts for something. A couple things I forgot to mention...
1) doing it all at once would be much harder (physically) since I haven't walked IN FOREVER and everyday the heat index has been 100*+
2) my miles will not be done inside at the gym so that will be in addition to going to the gym.

So now... Are you in for 10 at one time? Don't be scared.
That's what worked for me before, I was way too busy to exercise through the week, with working 2 jobs, volunteer work, kids etc. Somehow the walking challenge taught me to take a few minutes, even if it was only 10, for a walk, so that I could add some mileage to the week total. That's what I am hoping to do again.

For physical reasons I can't do 10 on Sunday. Under normal circumstances I would enjoy that. Drat. Anyway, I can put in my few per day, you can do it all on Sunday if you want. Good luck with the heat!

I think Kocia is in.

Off to early bird swimming. Great way to deal with this heat.

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