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Hope and Joanna.........I am SO glad to see you guys back You guys really helped me stay on track and motivated last winter, I so appreciate that. Joanna, good luck training for the half marathon, it's great to have a goal like that, I've done a few 5k runs and it was so motivating to train for.

Libby sorry to hear no loss last week. Keep at it, it will come.....what did you mean by 5k exercise, walking?

Renewed soul, you are doing great with your losses and to follow such a restricted meal plan, you are obviously very committed.

Mike what a fun idea with count! I love it! I will pick that up:


1. 3 workouts this week
2. 3 vegs/day
3. Omega 3 everyday
4. >3k calorie deficit this week

I dropped the posting on the weekend....awful stomach flu apparently. But it was thankfully brief.

Walking challenge: 10 miles in by Sunday who is in?

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