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Originally Posted by Monkeydave86 View Post
I like it! No doubt this will turn into a 3 for all

I need to lose 2lbs per week over the next 14 and bit weeks to hit my first long term goal.

Because I have a holiday, a stag do and a Wedding within the next 3 months I know that realistically I need to smash out some high scoring weeks and get myself well ahead of schedule.

I'm looking to lose minimum of 2lbs but am setting my sights on a big week.

Training in the woods tonight, punchbag and bodyweight exercises tomorrow. Rest Wednesday. Run with stops for pull ups, sit ups, push ups, beam jumps, back row and more sit ups Thursday. Rest Friday. Then hundreds of stairs with kettlebell carrys and slalom running down hill, followed by some parachute sprints.

Just really need to keep my eating in check this week.
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