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Track your food religiously and keep a journal so that you can see the relationship between food and how you feel. You'd probably be surprised. I was...things I used to be able to eat without any problem now cause indigestion and painful inflammation. I wouldn't have know what was causing problems if I hadn't been tracking food and energy/pain levels."[/U]

I am 100% on board with volley ball granny's comments here, I only began experiencing abdominal paid from inflammatory foods at 60. I had not been eating processed foods much, but any time I had gluten I would suffer. And overuse of nsaids for the pain was creating a viscious cycle. Lose the wheat And don't sub in rice and tapioca products, they are as bad if not worse. Anything in the store that touts gluten free is likely a very processed food. Eat low glycemic real fruits and veggies and clean lean protein. I start every day with a protein smoothie, and
then a healthy lean lunch and dinner. Serious workouts included resistance and muscle building, overdoing cardio is not the answer either. Balance it out, get sore, get two cents

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