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Congratulations to all who really had no excuses this week and did amazingly well, even if it is not with every single goal!

I also owe you a progress report:

Plan A – epic fail and you don’t want to know the ugly details. But then - how often it happens that your best friend buys a summer house which, naturally, needs to be house-warmed?
Boy – am I glad I had a Plan B that I can now report on and not feel quite so ashamed…. While the results are not spectacular, I did manage to burn more than I ate – the average of 1917 a day burned to 1838 eaten.
Walking challenge of 10 miles got completed; some of it during the hike. I might add that the hike included some spectacular sprints through clouds of mosquitoes while the repellent was sitting useless in the car. Oh, well.
On to the next week! Good luck to all!
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