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Welcome to all of the new faces! So glad to see that what we have started here continues to grow and help others just getting going.

Mrsbmura and sistasolda* Glad to have you! We use this thread to log our weekly progress (or lack thereof...) and to share what worked or didn't work during the past week. Please feel free to join our 5-15 lb. club thread, as well, where it's really helpful to "vent" and get encouragement during the week.

Cassie* It's really a balancing act, isn't it??? A lot of guess-work and trial and error but your doing a great job! I found the "fear factor" is just now starting to recede a bit and it has turned more into my new way of doing things, which is something I've never been able to achieve before. Congrats on 7 weeks!

Beth* Safe travels! Enjoy your visit! How exciting to meet a new member of the family!

As for me, I had a little eating mishap, which we won't revisit. lol Suffice to say, that our bodies need time to process change slowly. Think of it as turning an ocean liner compared to turning a speed boat. Trust me on this one, when you make changes to your diet, do it slowly like the ocean liner! Sudden "turns" will cause problems. Lesson learned.

Otherwise, everything has gone very well and I am really living quite normally now on maintenance. I still weigh myself daily, because of the additions to my diet, and log everything which is still a huge asset to me. Otherwise, I don't think about it much anymore as it is comfortably become my new way of life... finally!

And after last weekend, I'm not anxious to go back to my old ways of eating any time soon!


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