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In talking about things that fell by the wayside last week, I said...

Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
...So did studying. I'm really going to pay for the studying, because the site I use as my primary study site keeps piling on the reviews (reviews = how many words I need to study today). I haven't looked but I'm guessing I'm at least 500 reviews overdue by now. My typical is 150-200 reviews. It's going to take forever to whittle down the backlog ....
I just scrounged up the courage to look at my primary Japanese study site. I'm amazed at how close my estimate was! I'm about 560 reviews behind on vocab and 25 reviews behind on kanji. I can knock the kanji out lickety-split but it'll take me a while to get through all the vocab. And of course, while I'm working through the backlog, more reviews will pile up. Oi!

Pfft, I'll start tomorrow. Ok, Monday, definitely.
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