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Just some advice about I hit my goal weight...again. I have been using this site for about 9 years. I have hit my goal weight three times. After each time I became lackadasical and quit logging in daily and particularly not food tracking.

Predictibly the weight returned. I have now lost 50 lbs (three times) and learned this: It's a process and lifestyle, no quick fixes. Also the most important part is to stay on track with this site, learn and study nutrition and NEVER lie to yourself.

I have reset my goal to lose another 20 lbs by Thanksgiving and then truly maintain. Without FITDAY I would be lost. It truly is a very helpful site, but only if you are commited to being honest and faithfully doing your inputs. I am more committed than ever! Thank you FITDAY.

And best of luck to you HMJ!

Ps just noticed my join date is off. I used to track on paper so maybe I'm off on my join date but don't thi k so??? Anyway went from 287.5 to 237.5 over time with a few 20 plus lb lapses. On my way to 217.5!

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